Start In Your Yard

Join others who are planting native plants and learning to share their yards with the butterflies and birds, bees and bugs.
Wild Ones Garden Tours and Meetings 
October 28 at 7:00 p.m.
Ed Collins Celebrates Oaktober
Check back for details in October.
(In person, we hope)
SIYY and GBPL Present:
The Rainwater in Your Yard
September 22nd, Wednesday, at 7:00 p.m. on Zoom,  hosted by Gail Borden Public Library
Why are people using rain barrels, creating rain gardens, and maintaining less lawn? You likely know that these techniques help to handle the stormwater that would otherwise run off your property. But runoff is a complex topic, and we have the perfect person to help us understand its importance.
Jessica Mino, from The Conservation Foundation, will be presenting.  
Click Here to register on the library's calendar.
(This presentation coincides with Elgin's public art project, Storm Drain Art. Keep an eye out for these inspired street paintings that call attention to this issue.)
Monday Night Roundtables
Thank you to everyone who participated in these sessions during June, July and August -- especially the four teams of people who took turns leading the discussions. Results included:
   + increased momentum for Start In Your Yard
   + new people joining us
   + ideas, such as crews to exterminate teasel along          the roads, drift, and more
   + sharing of knowledge and experience         
   + learning just how much we enjoy hanging out              together with people who share our passions.
The resources that were listed here are now available from the Resources tab (top of window)
Monday-night Roundtable Teams
               Thank You!
Week 1:  Sharon Sutton
                Valerie Blaine
                Jean Muntz
                Morgan Vogt
Week 2:  Nancy Lamia
                Mary Alice Masonick
                Sue Harney
                Trish Gibbons
Week 3:  Kathy Hamill
                Gary Swick
                Kim Haag
                Sue Orlet
Week 4:  LuAnne Lewandowski
                 June Keibler
                Roland Lauer
                 Jean Eakins
At Large:  Susanne Masi
Wild Ones Late-fall Plant Sale
The leftover leftovers are at Kim Haag's house and available to the public. Stop by 4N545 Citation Lane in Elburn to pick up your plants and leave your money.
Click here to see the list of leftover plants as of 09-13.
Elgin Farmers Market
Come see us -- Fridays from 3:00 to 7 p.m.
We're at the south end of the market on Grove Street.
Willing to take a turn working the booth?
Click here to sign up for one or more slots.

Building habitat in our neighborhoods and public spaces.

Start in Your Yard is a movement of people who are realizing that we have become disconnected from our natural world and our place in it. Recognizing that we are part of nature, we are learning what we need to know to be cooperative partners and share the land we live on. 


Starting in our own yards with regional wildflowers, we build sustainable corridors for the flora and fauna that were intended to thrive here.


Together, we encourage our neighbors and our communities to join in the movement to preserve this area for generations to come.


Attend one of our many local events to visit local projects or learn from conservation experts.

Watch Presentations from 
Our 2020-2021 Community Read

Learn from and engage with experts in conservation, resource management, ecology, and sustainability. 
Start In Your Yard is an initiative launched by the Greater Kane County chapter of Wild Ones