starts at home.

Join a growing community of Kane County conservationists who are passionate about bringing nature back to the Fox Valley.
Join our Community Read!
Participate in discussions, presentations, and interactions with conservation experts in partnership with the Gail Borden Library.

Preserving our natural heritage, one yard at a time.

Start in Your Yard is a movement of local conservationists who believe we have become so disconnected from our natural world and our place in it  that most people feel nature is something apart from us, something that is somewhere else, not where we are. Starting in our yards, we can begin to learn what we need to know.


Starting in our own yards with regional wildflowers, we build sustainable corridors for the flora and fauna that were intended to thrive here.


Together, we encourage our neighbors and our communities to join in the movement to preserve this area for generations to come.


Attend one of our many local events to visit local projects or learn from conservation experts.

Join Our Community Read

Learn from and engage with experts in conservation, resource management, ecology, and sustainability. 
Start In Your Yard is an initiative launched by the Greater Kane County chapter of Wild Ones